Herbs and Spices Cookery - Cassia to Chives

CASSIA (Spice):   Dried bark of evergreen tree of laurel family, native to China and Malay States. Ground cassia resembles cinnamon in flavor and in this country is sold as cinnamon. Most people can't tell the difference between genuine cinnamon and cassia. Cassia "buds" are dried unripe or ripe buds of tree from which cassia bark is obtained. Has rich flavor and high oil content.

Uses: In pickling, notably in bread and butter pickles.

CAYENNE PEPPER - RED PEPPER (Spice):  Most of our cayenne and red pepper comes from Louisiana; some cayenne comes from Africa. Cayenne is a ground spice made of the hottest of hot pepper pods. Red pepper is milder, but brighter in color. These peppers are no relation to black and white pepper. They are vegetables, not fruits. They are cousins to chili peppers. Cayenne must be used most discreetly, since it is fiery-hot.

Uses: Cayenne is used in Tabasco sauce, chili powder, curry, and in moderation it peps up many a soup, fish dish, barbecue sauce, cheese mixture, blackened seasoning, chilis. Red pepper goes into commercial ginger ales, and gingersnaps, and is an excellent seasoning for meat and fish dishes.

CELERY (Spice):  Seed or chopped leaf of celery plan, aromatic and slightly bitter.

Uses: Pickling, canapes, dips, soups, garnish, cooking of seafood.

CELERY SALT (Condiment):  A combination of ground celery seed and salt.

Uses: Add to tomato juice, soups, potato salad, salad dressings, bouillon, oyster stew, clam juice, croquettes. Try it on "boiled" or fried eggs.

CELERY SEED (Seed):  It is not the seed of the common celery but the tiny seed-like brown fruit of parsley family, with taste akin to celery. Grown in many countries, especially India and France.

Uses: For pickling, salads, salad dressings, sauces. Add it to pastry when baked to be used as a salad accompaniment. Try it with vegetables, stews, and hamburger.

CHERVIL (Herb):  Leaf of herb grown in many countries in the temperate zone. Resembles parsley in flavor but is sweeter and more aromatic.

Uses: It may be used in any way that parsley is used. Include it in mixed herb preparations for salads. Good in soups, egg and cheese dishes, and with fish. Try it chopped fine and sprinkled over broiled fish just a couple of minutes before removing from broiler.

CHILI PEPPERS (Vegetable):  Long red pods that are mild or hot. Any number of varieties are used.

Uses: Mexican varieties go into chili powder. Whole chilies are most frequently used in pickling. Mixed pickling spices contain them. Break up one or two for soups and stews.

CHILI POWDER (Blend):  A mixture of chili pepper and other spices which may be bought either mild or hot. Oregano and cumin seeds and sometimes garlic go into it.

Uses: It is the basic seasoning for Mexican cooking including the popular chili con carne. Used in cocktail sauces, barbecue sauces, casseroles, bean dishes, in some spaghetti sauces, soups, stews. Try it with hamburger, meat loaf.

CHIVES (Spice):  Leaf of onion family plant. Mild onion taste. Sold fresh and dried and chopped. Appetite enhancer.

Uses: Garnish, soups, stews, eggs, cheese, and salads.