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RecipeFaire is the product of a couple of people who like to cook. We are just like your next door neighbors. We are not a giant conglomerate or corporation. We like to try different recipes, from different regions of the Country and from different Countries around the world.

Like anyone, we have favorite foods which we like immensely and others not so much. What we really enjoy is the adventure of finding and trying a new recipe, especially if it has unfamiliar ingredients or is an old family favorite.

As of mid-2014 when RecipeFaire was actually put on the Internet, we were small in recipe size compared to the mega-sites that have been around for years. We hope that with your help we will slowly grow in size but, more importantly, we hope we have people submit their family favorite recipes for others to enjoy. Our goal is not to have the largest number of recipes but rather, the best recipes.

One of the greatest complements a cook can receive, is to have family and friends say that something they've cooked is very good. Our goal with RecipeFaire is to gain that same great feeling by sharing a good recipe with others and knowing they will have a great culinary experience by cooking our recipe.

We are new at this. Any suggestions or comments you have will be greatly appreciated.

As we gain experience we will probably expand RecipeFaire to offer more amenities to our visitors. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Your comments regarding are very important to us. Please give us any comments you have concerning any aspect of our site. Your comments and recommendations are appreciated. Please Leave Us A Message