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Greek Salad
Greek Salad Recipe makes a dressing of olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and oregano for a salad of romaine, cucumber, radishes, green peppers, whole beets and tomatoes topped with feta cheese, Greek olives and anchovy fillets.
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Macaroni Shrimp Salad
Macaroni Shrimp Salad Recipe cuts cooked shrimp to bite size pieces, cooks pasta then adds mixture of celery, Old Bay seasoning, onion, dill weed, celery seed, salt and pepper, chives, mayo and half and half before folding in shrimp.
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Piquant Perfection Gelatin Salad
Piquant Perfection Gelatin Salad Recipe results in contrasting flavors using lemon-flavored gelatin, crushed pineapple, beer, shredded carrots and cabbage served with a dressing of mayonnaise and beer to create this tasty gelatin mold recipe.
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Northwest Fruit Slaw Salad
Northwest Fruit Slaw Salad Recipe combines light and dark sweet cherries with pears and shredded lettuce then tosses lightly with Creamy Fruit Mayonnaise and serves on bed of lettuce garnished with pear slices and cherries.
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Shrimp and Avocado Salad
Shrimp and Avocado Salad Recipe marinates cooked shrimp and avocado in wine vinegar, lemon juice, salad oil, parsley, garlic, sugar, mustard, thyme, oregano and green peppers then serves over crisp lettuce to make this delicious shrimp salad recipe.
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Ham Mousse
Ham Mousse Recipe combines chopped ham, cucumber and dill, combines heavy cream and prepared mustard then combines all with gelatin to chill in mold before service with turkey rolls, asparagus, peas and creamed mushrooms.
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Marinated Fruit Salad
Marinated Fruit Salad Recipe uses apples, pears, peaches and pineapple cut into slices and chunks then sprinkled with confectioner's sugar and rum or Cointreau and chilled before serving to present a refreshing and delicious fruit salad.
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German Potato Salad
German Potato Salad Recipe fries bacon crisp then uses drippings to make sauce of onions, cider vinegar, sugar and salt and pepper to pour over cooked potato slices which is then garnished with snipped parsley and paprika.
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Shades o' Green Salad
Shades o' Green Salad Recipe makes a delicious salad using spinach, celery, green peppers, cucumber, lettuce and chopped chives garnished with sliced olives and avocado and drizzled with French dressing to create this tasty salad recipe.
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Avocados Stuffed with Cauliflower Salad
Avocados Stuffed with Cauliflower Salad Recipe mades a caulifloweret salad using green beans, ripe olives, pimento, onion drizzled with oil and vingegar dressing served in half an avocado.
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Buy the freshest salad greens possible, wash them, dry thoroughly, and store in refrigerator in the vegetable compartment or bag or in a damp towel until ready to serve. Fresh, clean, crisp, tender greens are the basis of a good green salad.

All ingredients should be well drained before they are combined with the dressing, to avoid giving the dressing a watery consistency. Dry greens thoroughly by patting with a towel.

Use a variety of greens. Try shredded cabbage, endive, watercress, and romaine as a change from head or leaf lettuce. Tear lettuce into bite-size pieces instead of cutting. Outer leaves of lettuce should be discarded only when they are bruised.

When mixing salads, toss ingredients gently until mixed. Don't stir vigorously.

Add the dressing to salads at serving time to avoid wilting the greens, or, better still, serve the dressing from a separate bowl. People differ in the amount of dressing they prefer.

The flavor of some salads, especially those containing cooked vegetables or meats, is improved by marinating the ingredients in French dressing. To do this, let foods stand in the dressing in a cool place until they are well seasoned. Drain before serving.

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