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Gelatin molded salads are especially suitable when you entertain a crowd and so much of the food preparation has to be done well in advance. They are not tricky to prepare, but a few "do's" and "don'ts" may be helpful.

  • Use syrup from canned fruits as part of liquid in gelatin salads for added flavor.
  • For large molds, cut liquid to 1¾ cups for 1 package fruit-flavored gelatin, or 1 tablespoon (1 envelope) unflavored gelatin.
  • Chill gelatin until slightly thickened (unbeaten egg white consistency) before adding solid ingredients. Carefully fold well drained fruits and vegetables into thickened gelatin, distributing them evenly.
  • A gelatin salad may be molded in several ways - in large ring or fancy mold, in individual molds, or in shallow pan.
  • To mold fruits or vegetables in definite pattern, arrange in thin layer of slightly thickened gelatin. Chill until firm, then add balance of gelatin.
  • To make molded layered salads, be sure each layer is firm before adding next layer.
  • Prepare large gelatin molds a day ahead of serving, so they will be thoroughly set before unmolding.
  • Fill molds as full as possible for easy unmolding.


  • Brush salad oil in mold so the "set" gelatin will unmold easily.
  • To unmold, loosen edge of mold with spatula or small knife which has been dipped in warm water. Then quickly immerse the mold just to top in lukewarm water - hot water will melt the mold. Shake mold to loosen gelatin. Place serving dish over top of mold, invert, and lift mold off carefully.
  • For large molds, moisten surface of gelatin and serving plate and unmold as directed above. When the 2 surfaces are wet, it is easy to center mold. Remove excess moisture with towel.
  • Surround large molds with salad greens after unmolding; they may break if unmolded on crisp greens. Individual molds may be turned out directly on greens.
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