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Cakes and pastries usually have one or two ingredients that dominate the overall taste. These ingredients can be complemented or enhanced by the addition of other flavorings. If you are making substitutions (apples instead of pears, for instance) or creating a new recipe, this chart will help you choose compatible flavors.

You will notice that fresh fruit is most often paired with a fruit liqueur or brandy, citrus rind, juice, or extract, or almond and vanilla extract. Coffee is paired with rum, brandy, or coffee liqueur. Find the dominant ingredient in your pastry on the left and pair it with one of the flavor suggestions on the right.



Almonds   Amaretto, almond extract, kirsch and other fruit liqueurs, rum, brandy, orange rind  
Apples   Apple brandy, rum, Cognac, lemon rind  
Apricots   Apricot brandy, kirsch, almond extract  
Bananas   Rum, vanilla extract  
Berries   Berry brandies or liqueurs, kirsch, citrus rind or juice  
Chestnuts   Rum  
Chocolate   Liqueurs: orange, coffee, mint, nut, fruit  
  Brandies: grape (Cognac) or fruit rum, bourbon, whiskey  
  Also: orange rind, nuts, berries, praline  
Coffee   Coffee Liqueur, rum, brandy  
Cranberries   Orange flavored liqueur, orange or lemon rind or juice, walnuts  
Figs   Kirsch, raspberry liqueur, orange rind, raspberries  
Grapes   Cognac  
Grapefruit   Citrus rind and juice, rum  
Hazelnuts   Hazelnut liqueur, rum, fruit brandies (to complement any fruit in cake)  
Lemons   Citrus rind and juice, rum, lemon extract  
Limes   Citrus rind and juice, rum  
Mangoes   Rum, lime juice  
Melons   Lime juice, lemon juice, fresh mint  
Mocha   Coffee liqueur, rum, brandy, mint, chocolate liqueur  
Nectarines   Kirsch, orange flavored liqueur, orange juice or rind  
Oranges   Orange flavored liqueur, orange or lemon rind  
Papayas   Lemon or lime rind or juice  
Peaches   Almonds, almond extract, amaretto, kirsch, orange rind or juice, fresh mint  
Pears   Pear flavored brandy, Marsala, almonds or almond extract  
Persimmons   Orange flavored liqueur, orange rind or juice, vanilla extract  
Pineapple   Kirsch, rum  
Pine Nuts   Rum, orange flavored liqueur, citrus rind or juice  
Plums   Plum flavored brandy  
Pumpkin   Cognac or apple brandy, bourbon  
Rhubarb   Strawberry brandy, kirsch, orange juice  
Tangerines   Citrus rind or juice, tangerine brandy, rum  
Walnuts   Rum, lemon rind, orange rind, coffee, chocolate  
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