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Apple Praline Bread
Apple Praline Bread Recipe is made with sour cream, brown sugar, vanilla, Granny Smith apples, pecans and/or walnuts and makes a great tasting and delicious apple praline bread.
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1 Reviews
Brooklyn Bagels
Brooklyn Bagels Bread Recipe makes hard to beat homemade bagels using the simple ingredients all-purpose flour, active dry yeast, salt, honey or sugar, and egg white but the result is not simple but rather delicious and tasty bagels.
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4 Reviews
Grandma Louises Banana Bread Loaf
Grandma Louises's Banana Bread Loaf Recipe uses simple and easy ingredients to create this delicious bread with sugar, shortening, ripe bananas, egg, buttermilk, flour, baking powder and soda and salt.
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1 Reviews
Ham and Cream Biscuits
Ham and Cream Biscuits Recipe uses standard biscuits ingredients of flour, baking powder, salt and butter and then adds chopped baked ham and whipping cream to take these biscuits to the next level baking them to a golden delicious brown.
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1 Reviews
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
Cinnamon Roll Pancake Recipe makes pancakes with flour, baking powder, milk, vegetable oil and eggs and fills them with cinnamon filling and after cooking drizzles with a delicious cream cheese glaze.
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Drop Doughnuts
Drop Doughnuts Recipe creates deliciously tasty homemade goodness with doughnuts using eggs, buttermilk, vanilla extract, grated lemon, flour, baking powder, honey and cinnamon deep fried in cooking oil.
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1 Reviews
Hamburger Buns or Hot Dog Buns
Hamburger Bun or Hot Dog Bun Recipe makes delicious buns with all the great smell using yeast, sugar, milk, salt, butter, flour and eggs with great taste and texture.
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1 Reviews
Challah Braided Egg Bread
Challah Braided Egg Bread Recipe is a brunch classic which is attractive and very tasty and uses yeast, sugar, salt, salad oil, flour, eggs and sesame or poppy seeds.
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1 Reviews
Swiss Apple Ring Coffee Cake
Swiss Apple Ring Coffee Cake Recipe uses yeast, sugar, milk, vanilla extract, butter, flour and egg yolks and whites to bake this delicious coffee cake recipe which is filled with Dried-Apples Filling.
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1 Reviews
Corn Bread
Cornbread Recipe uses eggs, buttermilk, shortening, salt, cornmeal, baking powder and baking soda to create this simple but excellent bread which makes tasty dressing or stuffing.
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When the modern cook wants a hot bread to add interest to an otherwise uninspiring meal or when they want a quick coffee cake for breakfast on a cold Sunday morning, they turn to quick breads leavened with baking powder, baking soda, steam, or air rather than with yeast. They include biscuits, muffins, coffee cakes, shallow loaves (such as corn breads) deep loaves (such as nut breads), spoon breads, griddlecakes, and waffles

Breads reflect the available food supplies and the tastes of the people in the sections from which they came. For example, crackling bread was invented in the lean kitchens of the South following the war between the states. Before baking powder was compounded, soda with sour milk or buttermilk supplied the leaven. Old-fashioned sour milk is no longer readily available. Some of the recipes in this section, using baking soda plus vinegar give the qualities of these old-fashioned sour milk-baking soda leavened breads. Most quick breads are easily made in a relatively short time.

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