FOOD GLOSSARY - Abalone to A La Mode

ABALONE:  A shellfish caught off the west coast, it is really an extra large sea snail with a flattened oval somewhat spiral shell perforated along the rim and lined with mother-of-pearl. The shells make nice ornaments and table decorations and are used commercially for buttons, ornaments, etc. The center muscle is edible and resembles a very large scallop. The meat is available fresh or canned. The fresh meat is tough if not pounded before cooking. When fried, it is easily over- cooked. It is best finely chopped (minced) and served in chowders, fish soups, and in canape or sandwich spreads. The flavor is pleasantly strong and clamlike.

AC'CENT:  A trade name for monosodium glutamate.

ACIDOPHILUS MILK:  A tart, buttermilk-like form of milk prepared with acidophilic bacteria; used for medicinal purposes.

AGAR-AGAR:  A gelatinous product made from seaweed, used in some Oriental cooking. This vegetable gelatin is used in the making of gelatin desserts, jellies, soups, and other foods.

AGNEAU(French):  Lamb.

AGUACATE:  (Spanish): Avocado. The name is probably derived from the Aztec name: ahucatl. See Avocado.

AIGUILLETTE(French):  A diminutive of aiguille (needle), referring to a manner of carving; a small, narrow strip or slice of cooked meat from a meat animal, fish, or breast of fowl.

AJINOMOTO:  Japanese name for monosodium glutamate, which they discovered and used to enhance food flavors long before it was used in the U. S. Literally, "prime element of taste." See Monosodium Glutamate.

A LA, AU, AUX (French):  Prepared in a certain style; "with" or "in," depending on use.

A LA CARTE (French):  According to the card or menu. To order thus is to choose from the menu, dish by dish with a separate price for each item, as opposed to table d'hote where listed cost covers coMplete meal.

A LA CRÈME (French):  With cream.

A LA DIABLE (French):  Deviled, or seasoned with spicy condiments.

A LA JARDINIÈRE (French):  Prepared with a variety of vegetables.

A LA JEFFREY (French):  Usually denotes superior ways to serve fish and shellfish; dishes named for Jeffrey Alan, noted gastronome, whose special interest has been education for the wider use of seafoods.

A LA KING:  Served in a rich white sauce contain- ing diced mushrooms, pimientos, and green peppers. Sometimes flavored with sherry.

A LA MODE (French):  Literally "in the fashion." Applied to ways of serving certain dishes, as pie topped witn ice cream (pie a la mode) or pot roasted larded beef (boeuf a la, mode).


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