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Salad Dressing Recipes

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Ranch Dressing
Ranch Salad Dressing Recipe has a great taste and is better than store bought. This recipe makes 1 gallon of dressing. Reduce liquid by same reduction in spices for a smaller amount to create this delicious ranch dressing recipe.
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2 Reviews
Honey Mustard Dressing
Honey Mustard Recipe is a for real restaurant recipe which creates a delicious sauce especially with chicken tenders using mayonnaise, prepared yellow mustard, honey and lemon or lime juice.
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Thousand Island Salad Dressing
Thousand Island Salad Dressing Recipe is full of flavor and goes well with any salad and uses mayonnaise, ketchup, vinegar, pickle relish and grated onion to create this delicious salad dressing recipe.
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Garlic Parmesan Salad Dressing
Garlic Parmesan Salad Dressing Recipe is very good on buffalo chicken wings and is also a nice change for garden salads simply made using liquid margarine or butter or margarine, granulated garlic, Parmesan cheese and salt.
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Cheddar Ranch Salad Dressing
Cheddar Ranch Salad Dressing Recipe combines sour cream, Ranch dressing mix, bacon bits and cheddar cheese to create a tasty Ranch Salad Dressing with nice delicious and tasty twist.
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Russian Salad Dressing
Russian Salad Dressing with Zesto Recipe uses mayonnaise, chili sauce, sour cream, parsley, onion, dill pickles, lemon juice, grated horseradish and Worcestershire sauce to create this robust Russian salad dressing recipe.
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Russian Salad Dressing2
Russian Salad Dressing Recipe uses sugar or honey, vegetable oil, catsup, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, paprika, celery seeds, Worcestershire sauce and grated onions to create this delicious version of a Russian salad dressing recipe.
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Creamy Fruit Mayonnaise Salad Dressing
Creamy Fruit Mayonnaise Salad Dressing Recipe makes a delightfully tasty dressing with opposing flavors using mayonnaise, sour cream, honey, lemon juice and orange juice.
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French Salad Dressing
French Salad Dressing Recipe is that well liked and well known dressing which is easy to make and has a great taste using olive oil, lemon juice, sugar, salt, paprika, dry mustard and pepper.
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French Salad Dressing2
French Salad Dressing Recipe creates a robust, but very easy and tasty French dressing using salad oil, vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, salt, dry mustard, paprika and cayenne.
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Add sparkle to salads with extra-good dressings and garnishes. Try for contrast in texture, flavor and color when choosing salad dressings and garnishes. Serve salad dressing with the salad or pass it at the table.

What type of dressing to choose - sweet or tart, thick or thin - may be determined by your family's taste. Maindish salads made with meat, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, cheese, or potatoes usually call for a mayonnaise-type or cooked salad dressing. But some of these more substantial salads are good with tart French dressing - salad oil combined with lemon juice or vinegar plus seasonings.

Tart French dressing is the most likely choice for vegetable salads and vegetable-fruit combinations. But some vegetable salads may well take a mayonnaise or cooked dressing.

Reserve the sweet clear French dressings for fruit salads. Mayonnaise made milder with whipped cream or thinned and sweetened with fruit juice is good for fruit salads too.

There are 3 basic types of vinegars: cider vinegar, white vinegar, and wine vinegar. Herb vinegars may be made from any of them. Do not keep herb vinegars in the refrigerator. If they become too strong after standing, simply dilute with the same type of vinegar from which they were made.

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