ADELOST:  A Swedish blue cheese made with cow's milk.

ALENTEJO:  Usually sheep and goat's milk blended. May include cow's milk. Curdled with rennet. From Portugal.

ALLGAU EMMENTALER:  Germany's most famous hard cheese. Made of cow's milk. The flavor ranges from mild to strong, dependent upon age. Good for shredding, slicing and melting.

ALSATIAN MUENSTER:  A French cheese, first produced in the middle ages by monks. Spicy flavor.

ALTEMBURGER:  Mellow, semisoft cheese made from goat's milk. A German cheese.

AMERICAN:  Very mild, creamy yellow. Processed cheese. Used for sandwiches and snacks. Goes with crackers and bread.

APPENZELLER:  A Swiss cheese that is marinated in cider or white wine and spices before aging. More moist and creamy then Emmenthaler with a more pronounced yet delicate flavor than Gruyere. Produced in the 11th century by monks. A worthy cheese.

APPETITOST:  Made from buttermilk; nut-like flavor. May contain caraway. A Danish semi-soft cheese.

ARAKADZ:  A Russian cheese made of sheep’s milk. Semi-hard with a nutty flavor.

ARNENNES HERVE:  A velvety textured dessert cheese from Belgium.

ASADERO:  A braided cheese also called Oaxaco. Melts easily. A Mexican cheese.

ASIAGO:  A sharp-flavored Italian cheese, originally made of sheep’s milk, now of cow’s milk. The poor man’s Parmesan. When young it is firm, slightly salty cheese and good for sandwiches. Best for grating when it becomes older and hardens. American Asiago isn’t as fine as cheese as its Italian counterpart.

AUVERGNE:  Made from cow’s milk cheese; blue-veined. A French cheese.

AZEITAO:  A rich soft cheese from Portugal, made of sheep’s milk.

BABY GOUDA:  American semi-soft cheeses. Mild with a bit more butterfat than unaged Edams.

BACKSTEINER:  Bavarian cheese, brick-shaped. Almost as pungent as Limburger.

BANON:  A French firm cow and goat’s milk cheese. The flavor enhances with age. The older it gets, the more strongly sour it becomes.

BARBACENA:  Brazilian white cheese; firm.

BARBEREY:  Also known as Fromage de Troyes. Pungent. A French cheese.

BATH CHEESE:  An English soft cream cheese that is delicately flavored.

BATTELMATT:  A Swiss cheese. Similar to the flavor of Tilsiter.

BAYRISCHER BIERKASE:  A Bavarian cheese. The best way to eat this is to dip it in your stein of beer.

BEAUFORT:  Also called Gruyere de Beaufort. Similar to Gruyere but with little or no holes. Also softer and more mild. A French cheese.

BEAUMONT:  Semi-soft French cheese. Mild and creamy, much like Brie.

BEJA:  A cheese made of sheep’s milk. Portuguese. When young, it is soft and buttery but as it ages, it becomes semi-hard and picante. Moderately salty.


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