FOURME d'AMBERT:  The sharpest of the French blues. Firm. Wonderful after dinner cheese.

FRIESIAN:  Netherlands. Flavored with cloves alone, or the combination of cumin and cloves.

FRIULANO:  An Italian Cheddar. Piquant.

FROMAGE BLANC:  The simplest of French cheeses. A fresh white cheese that is rarely imported. Mild flavor.

FROMAGE de CHEVRE FRAIS:  A French goat’s milk soft, spoonable cheese. A lovely topping for fruit.

FROMAGE des PYRENEES:  A French semi-soft sheep’s milk, flavored cheese. Mild. A great eating cheese.

GAISKASLI:  Goat’s milk cheese that is soft and delicately flavored. Produced in Germany and Switzerland.

GAMMELOST:  Norwegian flat cheese made with skimmed sour milk. Has blue-green veins and has a crumbly texture.

GARDA:  Italian soft dessert cheese; the crust is edible.

GEROME:  French. Semi-soft, ripened cheese. Made from whole milk, with a brick-red rind, similar to Alsatian Munster in flavor. May contain anise, fennel or cumin seeds.

GERVAISE:  French. Double-crème, soft, cheese. Ripened, delicate flavor, similar to Camembert. A variation of Petit Suisse.

GJETOST (GETMESOST):  Goat’s milk. Sweetish; firm, smooth; caramel-colored. A Scandinavian specialty and more like a confection than cheese. The softest Gjetost can be spread on bread; the harder type is served in a block and shaved off in thin flakes with a special knife. Used for appetizers. Goes with crackers or dark Norwegian flat bread.

GLOUCESTER:  English cheese. Firm, smooth and mildly flavored. The best “red” cheese of England. Lower in butterfat content than Double Gloucester.

GOMOST:  Norwegian. Made from whole cow’s milk and sometimes goat’s milk. Buttery.

GORGONZOLA:  Italy’s oldest blue cheese. Blue-veined. Delicately flavored. When young it is semi-soft, almost creamy, and it becomes firmer and flakier as it ages with a more pronounced taste. The rind is edible.

GOUDA:  Mild, nutty semi-soft cheese. Softer than Edam, with or without red wax coating. One of Holland’s most famous cheeses. A table cheese used for dessert, appetizers. Goes with fresh fruit.

GOYA:  Argentine. Hard, grating cheese that is pale gold in color. Nutty flavor.

GRADDOST:  Danish. Semi-firm with a mild, sweet flavor.

GRANA PADANO:  Italian. A fine grating cheese, possibly the best. But not limited to grating.

GRATTE PAILLE:  A French triple-crème cheese. A delicious and full-flavored cheese. One of the best.

GRIS de LILLE:  French. Semi-firm. A variety of Maroilles.

GRUYERE:  The famous cheese from Switzerland. The sweetest, nuttiest flavor of all the true Swiss cheeses. Delicate flavor, firm and naturally ripened. A variety of uses.

HABLE CRÈME CHANTILLY:  A rich, soft, ripened dessert cheese made from pasteurized cream; from Sweden.


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