QUEIJO da ILH:  A Portuguese cow’s milk cheese. Fine for grating.

QUEIJO da SERRA:  A cheese made of sheep’s milk. Beautiful and buttery.

QUEIJO PRATO:  Brazilian. Firm with a smoky flavor.

QUESO ENCHILADO:  Mexican. Firm and aged. Its rind is covered with hot red chili powder.

RABACAL:  A Portuguese cheese made of goat’s and sheep’s milk. Semi-soft.

RAT CHEESE:  Popular name for any well-aged, firm natural Cheddar.

REBLOCHON:  One of France’s best. A semi-soft cheese, full of flavor and creamy. Great served to finish a meal and with red wine.

REICHKASE:  German-Austrian. Hickory-smoked.

REQUEIJAO:  Portuguese farmer’s cheese. Made of sheep’s milk.

RIBIOLA:  Also known as Robiolini. Italian. A very mild and soft cream cheese. More delicate than the American version of cream cheese.

RICOTTA:   Italian. Not a cheese in the traditional sense as it is made with the whey of other cheeses. Bland but semi-sweet; soft, creamy white; satiny texture. Made from sheep’s milk. Does not keep well. American ricotta is made from whole or skimmed cow’s milk. Both types are as an ingredient in main dishes, pasta dishes, fillings, or pastries. Great with fruit.

RICOTTA ROMANA:  Firm. An aged version of Ricotta. Good for grating.

RICOTTA SALATA:  A version of Ricotta, with more liquid drained off. Consistency of Feta, flavorful and crumbly. Salty.

ROMADURKASE:  Bavarian soft cheese similar to Limburger but with a less assertive aroma.

ROMANO:  Italian. Made of sheep’s milk. Salty. When young it is eaten alone. Aged, it is sharp and hard. Use grated as an ingredient in cooking or at the table. The American counterpart is made from cow’s milk.

RONCAL:  Spanish. Whole cow’s milk, a firm close-grained cheese with a sharp flavor.

ROOS:  Sheep’s milk produced in Iraq by Kurdish tribes; it is molded by hand and ripened in sheepskin bags for 6 months.

ROQUEFORT:  French. “The king of cheeses.” Salty. Sharp, decided but subtle with a slight sheep’s milk tang. Semi-soft, sometimes crumbly. Blue-veined. Possibly the most famous cheese in the world. A variety of uses.

SAALAND PFARR:  Swedish. The curd is mashed with whiskey before ripening.

SAANEN:  Swiss. Hard and dry, rich flavor similar to Gruyere. Used for grating, thinly slicing and melting.

SAGA:  Danish. A lovely blue, triple-crème cheese. Young, with a softer flavor than traditional blues because it isn’t aged.

SAGE CHEDDAR:  American. A natural Cheddar flavored with sage before ripening.

SAGE CREAM:  English. An unripened cream cheese. Green colored from fresh, bruised sage leaves and spinach juice.

SAGE DERBY:  English Derby cheese flavored with sage. A traditional Christmas food in Britain.


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