HAND CHEESE:  Also called Handkase and Harzer Kase. German and American made. Skim-milk, semi-firm cheeses, initially molded by hand, giving way now to machines. Highly pungent. May be flavored with caraway seeds.

HARZERKASE:  German semi-soft, skim-milk cheese. Not quite as powerful as Limburger and sometimes flavored with caraway seeds.

HAVARTI:  Danish. A mild, rich, creamy semi-soft cheese. Stronger and more aromatic than Cream Havarti, becoming more potent with age. A dessert cheese that can be found plain or flavored with caraway, dill or chives. Used for snacks and sandwiches. Goes with crackers, bread and fresh fruit.

HERKIMER:  A natural Cheddar cheese from the United States. Flaky, sharp taste, and pale yellow color, with a cloth rind.

HERRGARD:  Swedish. Yellow cheese, semi-firm. Similar taste somewhere between Gouda and Emmentaler.

HERVE:  Belgian soft cheese that is flavored with tarragon, parsley, and chives. Similar to Limburger.

HILLEROD:  Danish firm cheese, best after two or more years of aging. It is as mild as Emmentaler with a sharp aftertaste like that of aged Cheddar.

HOLSTEINER MAGERKASE:  Germany. Made from skim milk and buttermilk. Semi-firm.

HOPFENKASE:  German. Often blended with beer, caraway seeds or milk.

ICELANDIC BANQUET:  Iceland. Delicately flavored, firm cheese that melts easily and is used much like Mozzarella.

IIHA:  Cheddar-type cheese produced in the Azores.

INCANESTRATO:  Italy or Sicily. The curd is pressed in wicker baskets, so the imprint of the wicker is left on the cheese. Called Pecorino Incanestrato if made from ewe’s milk alone. Quite often it is made with a mixture of ewe’s, goat’s and cow’s milk. Pepato Incanestrato has black pepper added.

JALAPENO:  Mexican semi-soft cheese. White and creamy.

JARLSBERG:  Mild and nutty, a firm cheese. One of Norway’s best. Although softer and sweeter, it is an excellent substitute for Emmenthal. Used for sandwiches and snacks. Goes with fresh fruit and bread.

JOCKBERG:  Made of mixed cow’s and goat’s milk. A Tyrolean mountain cheese.

KAISERKASE:  German. Mellow, firm, bright-yellow.

KAJINAK:  Also known as “Servian Butter.” A cream cheese made from sheep’s milk, soft and buttery. Its origin is Turkey and the Balkan countries.

KANATCH OR MKLATS PANIR:  The Armenian national cheese. A pleasant, sharp taste, similar to Roquefort.

KASHKAVAL:  Greek. Made from sheep’s milk or goat’s milk. Creamy when young, when aged; grated. Smoky flavor.

KASSERI:  A Greek cheese made of sheep’s milk. Stronger tasting than the Warsawski. The American version is flavored more like a cross between Parmesan and Cheddar, and is said to be far superior to the Greek.

KEFALOTYRI:   Greek. A hard, salty cheese made from sheep’s milk. A grating cheese.

KLOSTERKASE:  Finger-sized German cheeses. Serve with beer.

KOCHENAKASE:  Luxembourg. A salt-free cheese, firm and bland.

KOMIJINIKAAS:  Dutch. Contains cumin and anise seeds.


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