DOLCELATTE:  Also known as Sweet Gorgonzola. Aged only slightly and meant to be eaten when young. The flavor is mild, delicate and sweet. But left to age, it takes on a more potent flavor, similar to regular Gorgonzola.

DOUBLE-CRÈME:  All soft, ripened cheese containing 60% butterfat.

DOUBLE GLOUCESTER:  English. Firm, ripened cheese. Mellow. Pale in color. Higher in butterfat than regular Gloucester. Sharp taste that goes well with apples.

DUNLOP:  Scottish. Firm, sharp and flaky. Pale, almost white. Pronounced flavor, similar to Cheddar. A good eating cheese.

EDAM:  Mild, delicate taste; firm with a red wax coating. Almost completely round. One of Holland’s premiere cheeses. Used for desserts, appetizers and cheese trays. Goes with fresh fruit.

EDELPILZKASE:  Austrian. Blue-veined cheese and high in butterfat content. Soft when young, firmer and more crumbly when aged.

EDIRNE:  Turkish. Sheep’s milk, semi-firm, white. Good in salads.

ELBING (ELBINGER):  German. Hard, crumbly and sharp.

EMMENTHALER (EMMENTHALER OR EMMENTALER):  Delicate, aromatic flavor. Nutty, sweet flavor. Hard, smooth golden-brown rind. One of the most famous Swiss cheeses.

EPOISSES:  French. Usually soft but when aged, may be semi-firm. Sometimes flavored with pepper, cloves or fennel seeds then soaked in white wine. Washed with brandy, giving it a delicate flavor.

ERBO:  Italian. Sometimes compared to Gorgonzola.

ESROM:  Danish. Semi-soft, smooth, sweet and buttery. Fashioned after Port Salut. The rind may be eaten.

EVORA:  A noted cheese from Portugal. Made of sheep’s milk. When young, it is creamy and as it ages becomes firm and develops a slight bite.

EXPLORATEUR:  A triple-crème French cheese. Rich and buttery flavor. Lovely served with a bottle of wine.

FARMER CHEESE:  The fresh curd of whole or skimmed milk, sieved. In some parts of the United States, the name is given to a cured cheese of mild flavor that is firm enough to slice.

FARMER'S GOUDA:  A lovely Dutch, semi-soft cheese and one of their best. Made of cow’s milk. Mild taste when young, becoming stronger and harder with age.

FETA:  Salty, creamy, crumbly, but sliceable. It becomes drier and saltier with age. Made of sheep’s milk. The most widely eaten of all the Greek cheeses. A table cheese used for appetizers and as an ingredient in cooking. Great in green salads. May be flavored with basil.

FIOR di LATTE ABRUZZESE:  Made with cow’s milk, this is described as the poor relation of buffalo milk Mozzarella; it is similar in appearance, produced in oval shapes and braids. It is used as a table cheese and a cooking cheese, especially in regional dishes, in much the same way as Mozzarella.

FONTAL:  Also known as Italian Fontina. A lovely copy of Fontina Val d’Aosta. Mild, buttery flavor.

FONTINA VAL d'AOSTA:  An Italian semi-soft, raw milk cheese. Buttery. As it ages, it becomes more flavorful. Lovely in dishes and eaten alone.

FONTINELLA:  The family of Fontina but firm enough to grate and with a sharper flavor.

FORMAGGIO GRANDUCA:  Delicate and creamy. Soft cheese, similar to Brie but not as moist.


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