PAGLIETTA:  Italian. Pungent with a slightly fruity flavor. It will be as moist and runny as Brie when ripe.

PAMPASGRASS:  Argentine blue-veined cheese.

PARMA:  Italian. A cross between Parmesan and Provolone. Semi-firm to firm cheese that takes more than a year to cure. Usually served in wedges. Great with a red wine.

PARMESAN:  Italian. Light yellow with brown or black coating, cylindrical. Sharp and piquant, make from lowfat cow's milk. Served grated on salads and soups.

PARMIGIANO (PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO):  Italian. Sharp, piquant; hard, brittle body; dense, closed texture with a fine grainy consistency and tiny holes. A great cheese, the favorite of the Grana cheeses. It melts in your mouth. One of the most famous cheeses in the world. Not just for grated. The preferred way to enjoy it is sliced for eating at the table.

PASTEURIZED PROCESS CHEESE:  A blend of two or more kinds of natural cheese, ground and heated together, cooled, poured into cartons or packages, and hermetically sealed.

PERCORINO ROMANO:   Sharp, piquant, often very salty; white, or very pale straw-yellow; dense and has typical “used milk” after taste. Probably Italy’s oldest cheese. Grating is usually required in order for the cheese to melt evenly. Popular dessert cheese and widely used in cooking.

PENNICH:  Turkish. Sheep’s milk; the curd is packed into sheep or lambskin for curing.

PEPATO:  A type of Pecorino; Sicilian. Black pepper is layered in the curd to give it spicy, sharp flavor; crumbly.

PERSILLE des ARAVIS:  French. Goat’s milk, molded into a cylindrical roll and flavored with parsley.

PETIT SUISSE:  Fresh, double-crème cheese from France. Made of whole milk with added cream and no salt. Creamy and delicate.

PIORA:   Made in the Italian part of Switzerland, similar to Tilsiter.

POMPADOUR:  From Holland. Similar to Gouda in flavor. Nice on sandwiches and with crackers.

PONT - 1'EVEQUE:  One of France’s greatest cheeses. Pungent flavor caused by a unique mold only in the area it is produced.

POONA:  United States. Soft, ripened cheese. It is round and flat with a reddish surface, sometimes described as a mild Limburger.

PORT SALUT:  French. Mellow to robust flavor. Creamy and buttery semi-soft cheese. Originally made by Trappist monks. Used for dessert, appetizers and cheese trays. Goes with fresh fruit and crackers.

POT CHEESE:  Fresh curd, unripened and only lightly broken. Delicate, sour taste.

PRASTOST:  Also known as Prestot. Swedish firm cheese cured with whiskey.

PRIMOST:  Norwegian. Semi-firm, mellow cheese.

PROVOLONE:  Italian. Originally made with buffalo milk. Mild when young, becoming more potent with age. Salty. Usually smoked. Hard and crumbly. A variety of uses.

PULTOST:  Norwegian. Made of whey and caramelized; sweet flavored.

QUARGEL:  Austrian. Skimmed milk cheese flavored with cumin.

QUEIJO ARREGANHADO:  A mild Portuguese cheese made of ewe’s milk.


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