KONIGTSKASE:  German. Semi-soft cheese similar to Bel Paese.

KOPANISTI:  Sheep’s milk cheese, often blue-veined. Spreadable. German.

KRAUTERKASE:  Switzerland or Germany. Made of skimmed milk with the addition of herbs. Similar to Schabzierger or Sapsago.

KUMINOST:  Norwegian cumin-flavored cheese.

KUMMELKASE:  Flavored with caraway seeds and Kummel; good with beer. German.

KUMMINOST:  Swedish cumin flavored cheese.

L'ARTISAN FORMANGER:  A Normandy bulk Camembert. Not as good as true Camembert.

LABNEH:  Syrian. A sour-milk cheese.

LANCASHIRE:  English. Mild, creamy and spreadable when young, crumbly when aged. The softest of the hard-pressed cheeses. A strong flavored Cheddar relative.

LANGRES:  A French cheese washed with brandy by hand. Soft and mild.

LE DELICE DE BOURGOGNE:  A French triple-crème cheese that is less salty than most. Similar in flavor to Brillat-Savarin.

LE ROI:  United States. Semi-soft cheese, piquant flavor, bright yellow color.

LEICESTER:  English. A semi-firm, flaky cheese. Similar in taste to Cheddar but has a more robust, tangy flavor. Annatto added.

LEYDEN:  Dutch. Aged and flavored with cumin seeds. Hard outer crust and a semi-firm interior streaked with the color green from the cumin seeds.

LIEDERKRANZ:  An American washed cheese. Robust and buttery. Texture of heavy honey, edible light-orange crust. Purchase when young. Used for dessert, salads, sandwiches and snacks. Goes with fruit, matzo, pumpernickel, sour rye, thinly sliced onion.

LIMBERGER:  Robust, aromatic; soft, smooth; strong aroma; creamy white. Fairly close-textured. Less robust when young. Belgium origin, now considered a German cheese. Used for dessert. Goes with fresh fruit, dark bread, bland crackers and beer.

LIPTAUER:  A sheep’s milk cheese that is white and crumbly. Made in Germany, Hungary, and Austria.

LIVAROT:  Pungent, soft French cheese made of partially skimmed cow’s milk. Heartier than Port l’ Eveque. Similar flavor of Camembert, only stronger. One of France’s oldest and most impressive cheeses.

LONGHORN:  American mild, firm Cheddar.

LORRAINE:  Small, delicate, firm German cheese often containing pistachio or pine nuts.

MAGERKASE:  Austrian. Skimmed-milk cheese, semi-firm, sweet and mild. Low in butterfat.

MANCHEGO:  Spanish. A firm, creamy smooth cheese made of sheep’s milk. As a young cheese, it slices easily. As it ages, it becomes saltier and dry enough to grate.

MANTECA:  Also known as Mantecho and Mantega. Shaped like a flask. A variation of Provolone, with butter sealed in the center.

MARIBO:  Danish. A firm, mild cheese when young. As it ages, it develops a sharper aftertaste.


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