SAGE LANCASHIRE:  English. A variety of Lancashire. Contains sage leaves.

SAINGORLON:  French. Cow’s milk cheese, rich, semi-soft, ripened, blue-veined, but delicate in flavor.

SAINT-BENOIT:  French. A soft cheese that has been rubbed with charcoal and salt before ripening.

SAINT-IVEL:  English. Soft cheese inoculated with the same culture that is used for making yogurt; with curing, develops a flavor like that of Camembert.

SAINT-MARCELLIN:  Also known as Bruleur de Loup. French. Soft goat’s milk cheese, mild when fresh.

SAINT-NECTAIRE:  French. A semi-soft, aged, sharp goat cheese. Nutty flavor.

SAINT-PAULIN:  A variation of Port du Salut. Created by the Trappist monks of Notre Dame in 1816. Semi-soft when young. In cold countries it will remain that way, but in hot countries it ages to semi-firm consistency.

SAINT-MAURE:  French. Seasonal goat cheese. One of the first goat’s milk cheeses to enter the U.S. A great first-try goat’s milk cheese.

SAMSO:  One of the finest of Danish cheeses. Gold colored, semi-firm, with a nut-like, buttery flavor.

SAP SAGO:  A Swiss hard cheese that has no fat in it. Flavored with herbs. It must be grated.

SARDO:  Hard, salty Argentine cheese used for grating.

SBINZ:  Perhaps the oldest cheese made in Switzerland. An aged cheese, hard and even-textured, making it excellent for grating. Preferable to the Parmesan because of its richer flavor and higher fat content. Often thinly sliced and eaten with bread when not quite hard.

SCAMORZO:  Also known as Scamorze and Scamorza. A mozzarella-type but more solid. Salty, and may be smoked. Soft when young, firm enough to slice when aged. It is hung from rafters to ripen and is repeatedly rubbed with oil.

SCHABZIEGER:  Hard cheese from Switzerland. Sometimes called “green cheese” because powdered clover is added. Made of slightly sour skimmed milk.

SCHIMMELKASE:  German. Soft, with a white crust. Good added to scrambled eggs.

SCHLOSSKASE BISMARCK:  Named after the German Prime Minister.

SELLES-SUR-CHER:  French. Salty, semi-firm goat cheese.

SEPTMONCEL:  French. Also known as “Jura Bleu.” Blue-veined cheese made with a mixture of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk.

SERPA:  A prized Portuguese cheese made of sheep’s milk. As a young cheese, soft and buttery. With age, it becomes semi-hard and sharp tasting.

SERRA de ESTRELLA:  Portuguese. Made of ewe’s milk or a combination of ewe’s and goat’s milk. Soft or semi-soft with an unusual, piquant flavor.

SLIPCOTE:  English. Soft, fresh, white cheese. Ripened beween cabbage leaves for only a week or two and as rich as butter.

SMOKELET:  Norwegian smoked cheese.

SOFT JACK:  A young Monterey Jack. Made from whole cow’s milk.

SORBAIS:  Maroilles variety. Pungent. Bright yellow, with reddish-brown rind.


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