TRIPEL CRÈME:  Soft ripened dessert cheese containing more than 75% butterfat.

TRIPLE CRÈME CHEVRE:  Soft and ripened. Made from goat’s milk. If the crust is white, it may be eaten. High in butterfat.

TRONDER:  Norwegian. Semi-soft cheese, mellow, creamy-white color. 45% butterfat content.

TUAREG:  African. Unsalted skimmed-milk cheese.

VACHERIN:  Several different cheeses fall under this name. Vacherin Mont d’Or, is made only once a year in Switzerland. It is an incredible softly spoonable, aromatic dessert cheese. Starts out mild but will become stronger as it ages. It is also good with cocktails, especially if sprinkled with cumin seeds to be served on crackers.

VAYATZOR:  Sussian. Made of a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk. Leavening, herbs, seeds and roots are added.

VECCHIO MULINO:  Italian. A soft cheese with a strong flavor.

VENDOME:  French. Soft cheese, ripened in charcoal or buried in ashes.

VENDOMIS de CHEVRE:  French. Ripened, soft cheese made of goat’s milk.

VERDE-MONT:  American. A softer type of cream cheese with a butterfat content of less than 20%.

VERMONT CHEDDAR:  American. Aged Cheddar. More moist and mellower than those produced outside of Vermont.

VERMONT SAGE:  American. Aged Cheddar that has sage added to it before curing.

WARSHAWSKI'S:  Polish. A strong cheese made of sheep’s milk. Semi-firm. The American version is made of cow’s milk and is completely different and thought by some, to be superior.

WEISSLACKER:  German. Pungent. Ranges from soft to semi-soft. A flavor similar to Limburger.

WENSLEYDALE:  “The best of all English cheese.” Firm and flaky, with a thick rind. Pale color. Subtly pungent with a slightly sour taste reminiscent of sour cream. Some varieties are blue-veined and similar to Stilton after aging. Great with apple pie.

WILTSHIRE:  English. Sharp and crumbly, Cheddar-like.

WISCONSIN LONGHORN:  An American Cheddar, medium-sharp in flavor. A great cooking cheese.

WYEDALE:  Belgian. Made from cow’s milk. Creamy, soft cheese. Excellent with fruit after dinner.

YEGHEGNATZOR:  Russian. Similar to Vayatzor. Soft cheese.

YORKSHIRE:  English. Similar to ripened Neufchatel. When young, soft, bland and creamy. When aged, sharp and zesty.


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