COOPER:  American. A Cheddar-type cheese.

CORNHUSKER:  American. Natural aged Cheddar-type cheese that is softer.

COROLLE:  A French double-crème with a distinctive tangy flavor.

COTTAGE CHEESE:  Mild, neutral taste; soft, moist; large or small curd; white. Used for appetizers, fruit salads, snacks and as a ingredient in cooking. Goes with canned or fresh fruit.

COTTENHAM:  English. Double-crème and semi-firm. Sometimes veined with blue, creamier and richer than Stilton.

COULOMMIERS:  French. A soft dessert cheese. Somewhere between Brie and Camembert in flavor but a bit more delicate. It develops an almost almond-like flavor when ripened. Serve alone or as a light dessert with grapes.

CREAM CHEESE:  American. Mild and buttery. Soft, smooth and white. An acid curd cheese that is very high in fat content. Highly perishable and never ripened. Used for dessert, sandwiches, salads and as an ingredient in cooking. Goes well with jelly and crackers.

CREAM HAVARTI:  A Danish semi-soft cheese. Available plain and flavored.

CREMA DANIA:  From Denmark. Also known as Crema Danica. A soft triple-crème dessert cheese that is buttery and full-flavored. A truly great cheese.

CRÈME CHANTILLY:  A French dessert cheese that has a soft, delicate flavor.

CRÈME de GRUYERE:  A French cheese that is ripened and soft. The flavor is like Gruyere and the consistency is like Camembert. Delicious with fruit and crackers.

CREOLE:  American. Soft unripened cheese made of cottage cheese and cream.

CRESCENZA:  A traditional cheese from Lombardy, with at least 50 percent fat content made with whole cow’s milk. Eaten as fresh as possible, as it spoils quickly.

CROISSANT DEMI-SEL:  Also known as Demi-Sel. French. Salt cured, double-crème dessert cheese in a crescent shape.

CURWORTHY FARM:  A British semi-soft cheese, rich and creamy, with a flavor similar to Gouda.

DAISY:  A Cheddar cheese, firm and mild.

DANABLU:  Denmark. Known as Danish Blue. The sharpest of the family of blues. Creamy white with a flaky texture.

DANBO:  Also called Danish Blue. A variety of Danish Samso, Generic. Mild, semi-firm and crumbly. It develops tang with age. May be flavored with caraway seeds.

DANISH CRÈME SPECIAL:  Denmark. Triple-crème. Dessert cheese. Delicate and soft.

DAUPHIN:  French. Flavored with tarragon and powdered cloves.

DELICE de FRANCE:  A bulk Camembert from France. Not as good as true Camembert.

DEMI-SEL:  French. A fresh cream cheese.

DEMI-SUISSE:  French. An export version of the Petit-Suisse.

DERBY:  English. Close-textured and firm. Mild when young. Some Derby has a green coloring, indicating the addition of sage.

DEVONSHIRE:  English. Soft, unripened cream cheese made from Devonshire cream.


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