CAPRICE des DIEUX:  A French mild, soft double-crème cheese. Has a nice flavor and is a good first experience with double-cremes.

CARRE FRAIS:  Also known as Gervais. French. A sweet cream cheese.

CARRE de L'EST:  French. Known as a cross between Brie and Camembert.

CASERA:  A salty goat’s milk cheese. Similar in flavor to Fontina. Made in Turkey or Greece.

CASHKAVALLO:  Made in the Balkans and similar to Caciocavallo.

CASTELO BRANCO:  Made of sheep’s milk, this cheese is similar in flavor to Queijo da Serra. Used most often as an aged cheese. From Portugal.

CEDULAIT:  French. A type of ricotta, smooth without the curd. Delicate flavor. Butterfat content is 20 percent.

CHABICHOU:  A smooth, soft goat’s milk cheese made in France.

CHANAKH OR KLUKH PANIR:  Russian soft cheese made of either cow’s or sheep’s milk. Salty.

CHANTELLE:  Semi-soft, ripened French cheese. Goes well with pears.

CHAOURCE:  French. So rich it often is mistaken for a double-crème cheese. Creamy texture. As it ages, it develops a mushroom-like aroma. Tastes much like Camembert.

CHEDDAR:  Mild to sharp, has an appetizing nutty flavor, and a firm buttery texture, slightly crumbly. Cream to orange-colored. Most widely manufactured and consumed product of its kind in the world. A variety of uses, in dishes and as an eating cheese. Especially good with apples.

CHESHIRE:  Possibly England’s oldest cheese. Firm, slightly crumbly, salty, and tangy. Comes in three varieties – Red, which is an apricot-peach color; White, which is a pale yellow; and Blue, which is blue “by accident.”

CHEVRE:  Most common of all goat cheeses. Pungent and creamy. French in origin. This cheese can be molded into any shape. Comes plain or coated with herbs, pepper, or edible vegetable ash. Used for relishes, appetizers, sauces, and compliments any cheese board. Goes with crackers and fruit.

CHILCHIL:  Russian. Sour, saltwater cheese. Hard. Must be rinsed before eaten.

CHRISTIAN IX:  A Danish semi-firm cheese, made with part skim milk with caraway seeds. Also known as King Christian IX.

CLABBER CHEESE:  The English name for pot cheese.

COEUR a la CRÈME:  Delicate, soft, French dessert cheese. Likened to cream cheese.

COIMBRA:  Portuguese semi-firm, sharp, salty cheese which is sometimes made from goat’s milk.

COLBY:  American. Softer and more creamy than Cheddar. White to medium yellow in color and is good for both cooking and eating plain. Smooth flavor. A variety of uses.

COLORADO BLACKIE:  American. Belongs to the Cheddar family. So named because it is made in Colorado and has a black wrapping.

COMTE:  French cheese, similar to Gruyere. Salty. High in butterfat. A good cheese to eat plain and to cook with.

COON CHEDDAR:  Aged, sharp, and crumbly. The color is almost a pale yellow-white.


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