BEL LAGO:  Delicately flavored, semi-soft cheese. Made in Switzerland.

BELLELAY:  Semi-soft with a flavor similar to Gruyere. Also known as Tete de Moine. Made in Switzerland.

BELLETOILE:  A French triple-crème cheese. Mild.

BEL PAESE:  Beautiful country. Mild, rich texture; spongy; creamy yellow interior. Originally, an Italian cheese, America now produces it. Used for dessert and snacks. Goes with fresh fruit and crusty French bread.

BERGQUARA:  Similar to Gouda. Made in Sweden.

BERLINER KUHKASE:  A soft cheese with caraway seeds. Made in Germany.

BERTOLLI:  A firm sheep’s milk cheese from Italy.

BIERKASE:  Semi-soft, with a pungent aroma rivaling Limburger.

BIFROST:  White goat cheese that comes as both natural and processed. Made in Norway.

BITTO:  A semi-firm cheese similar to Fontina. As it ripens, it becomes harder and more, more flavorful. Made in Italy and Switzerland.

BLARNEY:  An Irish semi-soft cheese with a nutty flavor. In the Fontina family.

BLAUSCHIMMELKASE:  Blue Cheese. There are two types – Edelpilz Blue, which is crumbly with 26 percent butterfat and a sharp flavor; and Creamy Blue. Creamy Blue is 70 percent butterfat categorizing it as a double-crème. It has a bland flavor much like Brie.

BLEU:  French. Piquant, spicy; marbled, blue veined, semi-soft; creamy white. A wide variety available, distinguishable by the different milks used in their processing. A versatile cheese and a great eating cheese. Goes with fresh fruit, and bland crackers.

BLUE ďAUVERGNE:  A French Roquefort. Hard cheese made from cow’s milk. Less salty with a strong taste and aroma.

BLEU de GEX:  France’s terrific version of Stilton cheese.

BLUE:  American or English blue veined cheeses made from cow’s milk and injected with the bacterium, penicilliium roqueforti.

BLUE DORSET OR BLUE VINNEY:  An English cheese made from cow’s milk. Aged. This also contains a mold.

BOERKASE:  American semi-soft cheese. Buttery, made of cow’s milk. Available with caraway or naturally smoked.

BOLA:  A semi-firm cow’s milk cheese. Made in Portugal.

BONBEL:  A semi-soft, bland cheese, flavored similarly to American Munster. Made in France.

BONDANE:  A French cheese from the Tomme family. Available skimmed or whole milk.

BONDOST:  A Swedish firm cheese with a mellow flavor. Often containing caraway seeds or cumin.

BOURSAULT:  A French triple-crème cheese, rich and creamy. Made of goat’s milk.

BOURSIN:  Very rich triple-crème cheese. Soft, delicate flavor. Made in France.

BRANDKASE:  A German sour milk cheese. It is mixed with butter and ripened in old beer kegs then moistened periodically with beer.


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