STEWART:  Scottish. Known as the Stilton of Scotland. Lacking the depth of flavor as Stilton, a worthy cheese none-the-less. The blue cheese has a mild flavor; the white, salty.

STEPPENKASE:  A German cheese, bland and nutty. Low in fat. Eat as is or slice and serve on crackers. Excellent with a Riesling.

STILTON:  Semi-soft; slightly more crumbly than blue; blue-veined; grows sharper and stronger with age. Distinctive from all other blue cheeses for its being based in a Cheddar cheese. One of the great British cheeses. Used for dessert, cheese trays, dips and salads. Goes with fresh fruit and bland crackers. Some recommend as a substitute for Feta.

STACCHINO:  Fresh, soft and creamy. Made from cow’s milk.

SVECIA:  Swedish. Firm. Sometimes made with caraway seeds.

SWISS:  Sweetish; nutty with large holes; deep ivory to pale yellow. Gentle-flavored, meltable, and easily sliced. Used for dessert, cheese trays, salads, sandwiches, appetizers and as an ingredient in cooking. Goes with fresh fruit and squares of crusty French bread.

SZEKELEY:  Hungarian. Soft, sheep’s milk cheese that is packed in sheep bladders. Available smoked as well.

TAFFELOST:  Norwegian or Danish dessert cheese, semi-soft, creamy white with a red outer rind.

TALEGGIO:  Italian fine dessert cheese. From soft to semi-soft, smooth and aromatic, becoming more full-bodied with age. Great with crusty bread and wine.

TAMIE:  A French semi-soft cheese made of skimmed cow’s milk.

TELEMI:  Rumanian. Made of sheep milk. American Telemi is made of cow’s milk. Semi-soft, much like the American version of Mozzarella.

TETE de MOINE:  “Monk’s Head.” Aromatic and strong flavored Swiss hard cheese made of cow’s milk.

TIGNARD:  French. Firm, blue-veined goat’s milk cheese.

TIJUANA:  Mexican. Firm, pale, but with a hot aftertaste. Hot red pepper is added to the curd before it is aged.

TILLAMOOK:  United States. A type of Cheddar, medium to sharp in flavor. A raw milk cheese. The older the cheese is, the more flavor it develops.

TILSITER:  Also known as Tilsit. Made originally by the Dutch. Semi-firm, with strong aroma and flavor, increasing with age. Good for cooking and eating. The butterfat content ranges from 30 to 60 percent. Now also made in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and the United States.

TOMA di CARMAGNOLA:  Italian. Soft and buttery with a slightly nutty flavor.

TOMAR:  Portuguese cheese made of sheep’s milk. It has a smoky-nut flavor.

TOMME de CHEVRE:  French. Made from goat’s milk.

TOMME de SAVOIE:  French. Semi-soft cheese made of cow’s milk. Distinguished flavor.

TOSCANO:  Italian. Sharp cheese made of sheep’s milk. Firm, not sliceable. Of the Pecorino family.

TOUREE:  The French version of Vacherin Mont d’Or.

TRADITION de BELMONT:  American Brie. Not as young and mild as true Brie, but a nice cheese.

TRECCE:  Italian, braided, semi-soft, smoked Mozzarella. Made from both cow and water buffalo milk.


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