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Glazes for Baked Ham Recipes

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Cider Ham Glaze
Cider Ham Glaze Recipe is a sweet glaze for ham which uses brown sugar and maple syrup complemented by dry mustard followed by a apple cider baste for a very tasty balance.
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Apricot Ham Glaze
Apricot Ham Glaze Recipe uses apricot jam, honey and lemon juice or cider vinegar which combine quickly to make a delicious ham glaze which produces great flavors and taste.
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Apricot Ham Glaze2
Apricot Ham Glaze Recipe uses dried apricots, apple cider, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, allspice, and cloves which combine to make a wonderfully tasty ham glaze.
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2 Reviews
Mustard Ham Glaze
Mustard Ham Glaze Recipe demonstrates how surprisingly well mustard and pork marry to make a great tasting ham by combining brown sugar, flour, dry mustard and cider vinegar to spread on ham to create a very tasty glaze.
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Brown Sugar Ham Glaze
Brown Sugar Ham Glaze Recipe uses brown sugar paired with corn syrup or spiced fruit juice or ginger ale to make a tasty ham glaze.
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