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Cake Frostings and Fillings Recipes

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2 Reviews
Alternative to Dessert Icing
Alternative to Dessert Icing Recipe creates a simple, easy and very tasty icing for cakes and pastries using instant vanilla pudding, milk and Cool Whip.
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1 Reviews
Homemade Vanilla Frosting
Homemade Vanilla Frosting Recipe is tasty on anything needing a frosting and it is simple and easy to prepare using cream cheese, vanilla extract, powdered sugar and cool whip.
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1 Reviews
Homemade Whipped Cream Frosting
Homemade Whipped Cream Frosting Recipe creates a simple, easy and tasty versatile frosting using cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and almond extract and heavy cream.
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1 Reviews
No Bake Eclair Cake
No Bake Eclair Cake Recipe creates eclairs using graham crackers, French vanilla instant pudding, milk and Cool Whip and tops with a frosting of cocoa, powdered sugar, butter and milk resulting in tasty no bake eclairs.
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1 Reviews
Chocolate Buttercream Cake Icing
Chocolate Buttercream Cake Icing Recipe is a versatile icing made with egg yolks, sugar, butter and semisweet chocolate and can be flavored in a multitude of ways to go well with many types of cakes and works for decorating with a pastry bag.
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1 Reviews
Buttercream Frosting
This creamy versatile Buttercream icing is used in varying amounts in many of the cake recipes included in this website. It can be flavored in a multitude of ways to go well with many types of cakes.
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2 Reviews
Mocha Frosting Recipe
Mocha Frosting Recipe uses coffee, confectioner's sugar, shortening, salt and vanilla to create this outstanding mocha frosting recipe.
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2 Reviews
Coconut Morocco Frosting Recipe
Coconut Morocco Frosting Recipe uses egg white, brown sugar, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla and sweetened coconut to create this deliciously tasty frosting recipe.
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3 Reviews
Buttercream Frosting Supreme Recipe
Buttercream Frosting Supreme Recipe allows for making different amounts of frosting using egg yolks, sugar, water and butter with unlimited options for flavoring in this delicious buttercream recipe.
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4 Reviews
Vanilla Frosting Deluxe
Vanilla Frosting Deluxe uses flour, salt, milk, butter, sugar, shortening, vanilla and butter extract to create this great textured, smooth and very tasty vanilla frosting recipe.
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